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Areas of Expertise

Real Estate Expert Witness

How We Can Help With Your Real Estate Dispute
helping clients in real estate legal situations
Fiduciary Standards of Care
Prove or dispute whether needs and standards were met.
real estate expert witnesses reviewing documents
Acquisition Valuation & Underwriting
The valuation of real estate is the most common issue in real estate litigation. Let us help you determine if the numbers are right. 
real estate expert witness advises client
Partnership Disputes
Given our legal background, we can assist on the most nuanced of partnership disputes. 
new construction lawsuits
Development Related Disputes
In the real world, unexpected problems arise. Let us be your resource in getting what you’re owed.
real estate expert witness home valuations
Appraisal Review
The Fair Market Value derived from an appraisal hinges on a handful of numbers. Understand how these numbers are toggled is critical to the validity of the appraisal.
Hotels and Senior Housing
Hotels and senior housing can bring a wide array of obstacles and liabilities. We understand the nuances of these types of properties.
Let us help navigate your finance issues related to the real estate transaction
Title Insurance Claims
Our expertise can help provide guidance towards any dispute or investigation.
Other Areas of Expertise
  • 1031 exchanges and planning
  • Acquisition
  • Appraisal review
  • Appraisal, valuation
  • Appraiser & mortgage fraud
  • Asset management
  • Broker/agent – standards of care
  • Business valuation
  • Capital Markets
  • Cash flow analyses
  • Commercial leasing
  • Commercial real estate appraisal
  • Commercial/industrial
  • Commercial/retail
  • Condemnation
  • Contract review
  • Corporate real estate
  • Debt restructuring
  • Development
  • Development disclosure requests
  • Diminution of value
  • Disaster valuation
  • Divorce and real estate proceedings
  • Due diligence
  • Due diligence – phase I, II, III site assessments
  • Easements, licenses and boundaries
  • Economics/economic impacts
  • Eminent domain
  • Entitlement and permitting
  • Escrow & title
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Foreclosure
  • Fraud/defalcation issues
  • Fund Formation
  • General Contracting
  • Habitability
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Inspection/evaluation
  • Internal rate of return (IRR)
  • International real estate
  • Investment analysis
  • Land development
  • Land residual valuation
  • Land use optimization
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Leasehold or leased fee
  • LEED certification
  • Liability/damage issues
  • Loan underwriting review
  • Loans and mortgages
  • Maintenance – standards of care
  • Market analysis
  • Net lease (NNN)
  • Note Purchase
  • Predatory lending
  • Professional conduct
  • Property condition assessment
  • Property management
  • REIT
  • REO
  • Residential standard of care
  • Right-of way
  • Seller misrepresentation & fraud
  • Seller non-disclosure
  • Site contamination
  • Stigma & market resistance
  • Tax assessment appeals
  • Tax planning
  • Tenant screening/qualification
  • Tenant in Common (TIC)
  • Zoning